Monday, April 21, 2014

Singularities - When theories break down

 Stephen Hawking
A Brief History of Time
page. 49

page 63

The predictions of the theory 
"break down at the big bang singularity"
"Classical general relativity,  by predicting points of infinite density, predicts its own downfall, just as classical mechanics predicted its downfall by suggesting that atoms should collapse to infinite density"

Paul Steinhardt, Neil Turok
Endless Universe
pages 37, 38

page  126

pages 184, 185

Ask a Mathematician / Physicist

"In practice, when you’re calculating something in physics and you find a singularity in your calculation (this happens all the time), which usually looks like “1/x”, then that means that there’s a mistake somewhere, or you’re looking at something that never happens, or there are physical laws or effects that haven’t been taken into account."

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